3 Mistakes that Can Block Your Career
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3 Mistakes that Can Block Your Career

Aspiration for professional growth is a right choice. In sophisticated countries, smart employers organize competitions to provide professional development. They also prepare prizes to motivate their employees and arrange seminars and courses to deepen their knowledge. Those are external interventions aiming to gain professional growth. However, they are not enough to have the desirable outcomes.
To make progress in work it’s essential to work on yourself too, generate motivation that will lead you to actualize your aims. It’s also necessary to avoid the simplest mistakes many people are not aware of.

Mistake 1: You work only to earn money

It is not a secret that targeted motivation is best method to increase the efficiency of the work. Goals should be set correctly. Earning money as a goal has never been proven to work properly. The evidence is the stories about many rich and famous businessmen.

The history shows us that those who work only to earn money don’t seek to improve professional knowledge. They also don’t express new ideas and don’t make suggestions. They don’t have the responsibility of the professional title; don’t realize the significance of the goods created by them. As a result, they are getting tired of the work easily and early and they start working as a “kolkhozi qaghanchi”, that is they do half of the work.

Mistake 2: You don’t enjoy what you do.

People can work and still don’t enjoy what they do. The negligence towards profession and work has never been proven to work. The forced work is not loved by anyone even though it can be profitable. In the free world, people seek to do what they enjoy.


A long time ago, the scientists have proved that the ECE (energy conversion efficiency) of the work of the person who enjoys what they do is several times higher than the ECE of the work of the one who does it by force.

Following this tendency, in the sophisticated countries, large corporations have NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) specialists who work with the employees and help to generate motivation.


Mistake 3: You don’t believe in success

Believing the success is also an essential factor for productive and purposeful work. It is not a secret that in Armenia you can always meet obstacles that may discourage you and make you leave your goals if you do not believe in success. But the ones who do believe in success don’t give up easily but move forward persistently and become masters of their profession and work.

It’s necessary not to mistake believing in success with “sitting on the wood waiting for the luck”. To reach the goal, mainly to have professional growth one need effort, space, speed and unbreakable will to reach the success.